School Trips to: Isle of Wight

Key Stage 2 Lower / P3-4

Isle of Wight School Trips

Junior ED Squirrel

Residential Trips for Key Stage 2 Lower / P3-4

Often their first prolonged trip away from home without parents/guardians, most schools bringing this age group away tend to opt for a 2 night package and fill the days with fun activities suited to the ages which connect with a topic of study in school, such as Romans, Victorians, World Wars or Dinosaurs.

Education Destination regularly hosts visits from school parties of all ages and can help you put together the ideal package to calm the worries of nervous parents and deliver memorable fun with a little bit of learning to boot.

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You may utilise any of our pre-visit, on-site or post-visit resources once you book your Isle of Wight school trip via Education Destination.

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