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Activity Choices

The Isle of Wight offers literally scores of fabulous activities, visitor attractions and experiences for all ages. Education Destination can advise, recommend and book any of them for your itinerary.

Many offer expertly designed curriculum-relevant learning resources - over 750 in all - and positively welcome groups of school children.

Here's some of our most popular examples, grouped into handy categories. Click on the logos for full details.

Smiling school children arrive for their IW school trip

Activity Parks

Places with multiple attractions where you can relax the supervision and let them have fun in a safe environment!

Adventurous Activities

Challenge them to step out of their comfort zone with these instructor-led experiences!

Animal Attractions

Foster their curiosity and introduce them to species they don't tend to come across in their normal lives!

Arts & Crafts

Inspire them to develop their own artistic expressiveness by expanding their horizons!

Historic Places

Encourage them to study events of the past, from prehistoric times to recent world events!

Museums & Galleries

Soak up learning from carefully curated collections of historical artefacts!

Natural World

Marvel at the Isle of Wight's stunning natural beauty and geographical features!

Seaside / Beaches

You can't bring them to the Island and not visit our lovely beaches and resorts!


Whether watching or participating, here's a few ideas for sports lovers!


Find out how the Islanders get around!

Miscellaneous Treasures

Don' miss these gems!

We're totally flexible when it comes to arranging your itinerary!

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