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St Helens & Bembridge

St Helens & Bembridge

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Part of the IW Coastal Trail

Large Natural Harbour

St Helens and Bembridge are adjacent small towns across a large natural harbour to the east of the Isle of Wight with a unique coastal ecosystem.

Learning opportunities are around the physical geography of St Helens Duver - what sand dunes are, how they develop and what they are like. Also the human geography of the natural area and the interactions between the two.

School Trip Information Sheet for St Helens & Bembridge
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Fun Factor 50%
Educational 70%

Average rating from past clients: 3.5 out of 5

Best Suited To

St Helens & Bembridge is best suited to older children and adults

St Helens & Bembridge is best suited to older children and adults

Educational Resources for St Helens & Bembridge

The following St Helens & Bembridge educational resources are FREE to use when you book your trip with Education Destination. Some include pre or post-visit classroom work, others are on-site activities. All are accompanied by detailed Teacher Notes and some even have sample lesson plans!

Prepared by our expert team of teachers with local Island knowledge, each resource addresses a specific National Curriculum topic. Click on any image for full details.

St Helens & Bembridge is proud to be part of the Island Classroom

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