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Isle Of Wight Deer Farm

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Natural Farming for All to Enjoy

The Isle of Wight Deer Farm is 334 acres of stunning scenery and woodland where visitors can take in the sights with our beautiful deer – as well as learning about them.

Walking through a planned route with the Farm Director is the best way to learn extensively about deer without losing any detail, while being able to ask all the questions you like – and experience close ups to the animals. You won’t be able to feed them, but you will see them up-close when they are being fed.

School Trip Information Sheet for Isle Of Wight Deer Farm
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Fun Factor 70%
Educational 90%

Average rating from past clients: 4.5 out of 5

Best Suited To

Isle Of Wight Deer Farm is best suited for children 7 years and up as well as adults

Isle Of Wight Deer Farm is great for all ages, but perhaps a little overwhelming for the very youngest visitors

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