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Bringing your school to the Isle of Wight?
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Education Destination provides 24x7 support to school trips to the Isle of Wight
What support will Education Destination provide us with?

Learn more about the support offered by Education Destination before and during your Isle of Wight school trip visit

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The Isle of Wight - Jewel of the South TV programme
Jewel of the South

Want to learn more about life on the diamond isle, the Isle of Wight? This Channel 5 TV series first broadcast in 2023 celebrates the beauty and heritage of the island through its residents

CoastsThe Isle of Wight

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A scurry of squirrels, all called ED | Education Destination
Meet the ED Squirrel scurry

Are they a scurry or are they a dray? Some of them are related, but others aren't. Either way, they provide visual help throughout the Education Destination resource set, particularly for younger users.

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Education Destination introduces the Isle of Wight Coastal Trail for KS2 - Adult
Isle of Wight Coastal Trail KS2-Adult

The Isle of Wight Coastal Trail is a series of geography resources which can be used on a mix-and-match basis across 12 iconic Island locations for teaching or self-led learning of key curriculum topics. FREE to use on an Education Destination visit!


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Find Dinosaur Heaven on an Isle of Wight school trip
Europe's largest land-based predator found on the Isle of Wight!

Bring your school to Dinosaur Island (The Isle of Wight) with Education Destination


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Keeping Isle of Wight School Trips Affordable
Keeping Isle of Wight school trips affordable

Learn how Education Destination are working hard to keep Isle of Wight residential school trips as cost-effective as possible during a cost of living crisis

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History of the Education Destination Diamond Isle Mortar Board Logo
The story of the Education Destination Diamond Isle mortar board logo

What inspired Education Destination's Diamond Isle blue and green mortar board logo?

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