School Trips to: Isle of Wight

About Education Destination

About us

Isle of Wight school trip specialist

Based on the Isle of Wight, just off the south coast of the UK, Education Destination arranges residential visits for thousands of school age children every year, including safe and secure accommodation, meals, transport and a wide choice of educational and experiential activities

Coach trip of smiling school children in uniform on their way to the Isle of Wight

Our Vision

To transform the Isle of Wight into the foremost destination for educational trips, preferred by both teachers and learners at all levels

Our Mission

To help Isle of Wight venues develop excellent, curriculum-relevant materials to enrich learning opportunities
To develop the out-of-classroom environment to ensure learning is fun and memorable, whilst providing the necessary support to ensure trip planning is made simple for organisers

Our Attitude

A "can-do" company that enjoys consistently trying to exceed customer expectations based on developing continuing relationships

Our Character & Values

We are educational experts - friendly, approachable and proud of what we do
We believe in honesty and integrity in all matters, work as a team and don't make promises we can't keep
When we make a mistake we admit it and correct it without question - then learn from it

Why choose Education Destination for your Isle of Wight school trip?

The Isle of Wight is the foremost destination for educational school trips

There are many reasons why The Isle of Wight is the ideal school trip destination:

  • a fascinating selection of visitor attractions and places to visit
  • lots of curriculum relevant learning opportunities
  • a wide selection of fun outdoor activities
  • a long history of catering for the needs of visitors
  • outstanding value for money
  • a small geographical area which limits travel time and environmental impact
  • one of the UK's warmest, driest and most predictable climates
Education Destination helps you see your favourite Isle of Wight school trip attractions in a different light

Our expert teachers have carefully considered all of the teaching possibilities for many of the favourite local visitor attractions against the National Curriculum and syllabuses for the major exam boards. They have then developed a wide range of innovating and exciting resources for students and teachers to use before, during and/or after their visit to help bring learning to life. These resources are FREE of charge to our booked groups. For example:

  • at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway you might expect to learn a little about the Victorian and Edwardian period, the world wars or even the Industrial Revolution. But textiles, maths and English?
  • at Goodleaf Tree Climbing you might think you'd pick up a few nuggets about biology or conservation. But Pythagoras' Theorem, levers and pulleys or instructional writing?
  • you might think of Blackgang Chine as somewhere to have a fun day out, but learning about coastal erosion, modern piracy, TV advert production or dinosaurs?

The possibilities are endless. and we regularly surprise ourselves at the breadth and depth of materials available.

Our experts are here, 24x7, during your visit

Based in Rookley, slap bang in the middle of the Isle of Wight just outside Newport, our specialists are on hand to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during your visit. Your account manager will meet with you at least once during your stay - usually on the first or second day - to ensure everything is as it should be.

Our staff have a background in education, so fully understand your needs and requirements, no matter how unusual they may be. And a 24 hour helpline is available to visitors in case there is something that you cannot resolve yourself, or have exceptional situations that need an immediate response.