Myths & Legends

Myths & Legends

Themed school trips to the Isle of Wight!

Due to its long history, the Isle of Wight offers literally dozens of fascinating myths and legends perfect for study.

From The Lost City of Wolverton to the Giants of Blackgang, the Pied Piper of Newtown to The Pepperpot, come and retrace footsteps and observe the inspirations for these and many more classic tales!

Myths and Legends provide ideal subject matter for English and Drama pieces as well as feeding into many common topics. Or just for fun!

Some of our classic Myths & Legends include:

Image representing the Brading Bloodstones

The Brading Bloodstones

Red algae-studded pebbles found in streams that were thought to be the blood from battles between the Saxons and the Danes taking place from 897 to 1000

Image representing the Lost City of Wolverton

The Lost City of Wolverton

The former town whose inhabitants were tricked into killing a holy man and whose homes were burned to the ground as punishment

Image representing Eleanors Grove

Eleanor's Grove

The ghostly goings-on at the preferred burial spot of Elarnor of Aquitaine, imprisoned by Henry II in 1173 at Quarr Abbey

Image representing the Blackgang Giants

The Blackgang Giants

The giant's reign of terror was ended when his throne of skulls in his cliffside cave disappeared in a cloud of mist one day

Image representing the Wroxall Sacrifices

The Wroxall Sacrifices

How the arrival of "the unknown one" saved three children from being sacrificed following failed crops and rampant disease

Image representing the Legend of Godshill

The Legend of Godshill

Find out how the name Godshill was derived following mysterious interventions during the building of the first church here

Image representing the Pied Piper of Newtown

The Pied Piper of Newtown

The centre of Island trade, the continual loading and unloading of ships caused a rodent boom; enter the Pied Piper of Newtown!

Image representing the Legend of Lucy Lightfoot

The Legend of Lucy Lightfoot

The disappearing woman transported back in time almost 500 years to be with the knight whose effigy she came to love

Image representing The Pepperpot

The Pepperpot

Learn how this rudimentary lighthouse came into being following the shipwreck events of 1314 and the looting of the Pope's wine

Image representing Hobby Hobson

Hobby Hobson, orphan of Bonchurch

Discover how Hobby earned his knighthood, assisting the English victory over the French in the late 1600s

Image representing the Knighton Gorges

The Knighton Gorges

Discover why people flock to Knighton Gorges on New Year's Eve to see a ghostly 12th Century manor house rise from the ground

Image representing Gods Providence House

God's Providence House

Why does an unassuming pub in the centre of Newport celebrate the end of the Black Death?

Image representing the Springs of St Boniface Down

The Springs of St Boniface Down

Climb the hill without stopping or looking down to decorate the spring with flowers on Saint's Day to have your wishes granted

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