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Part of the IW Coastal Trail

World-famous Coloured Sands

Alum Bay is the location of a classic sequence of upper Paleocene and Eocene beds of soft sands and clays. The strata in the main section of the bay are near vertical and the sands are coloured due to oxidised iron compounds formed under different conditions.

Such is the variety of colour in the sands that they were used in Victorian times for marmotinto, a popular artform.

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Fun Factor 50%
Educational 70%

Average rating from past clients: 3.5 out of 5

Best Suited To

Alum Bay is best suited for children 7 years and up as well as adults

Alum Bay is great for all ages, but perhaps a little overwhelming for the very youngest visitors

Location of Alum Bay

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Alum Bay FAQs

Here's some of the most frequently-asked questions about school visits to Alum Bay, posed by teachers and other group leaders

Are there any facilities at Alum Bay?

No. There are no toilets or refreshments down at the beach level. You need to take everything with you. The nearest toilets are at the Needles Attraction at the top of the hill during their opening hours.

Is Alum Bay free to access?

Yes - there is no charge for entry to Alum Bay, however the only parking within a reasonable walking distance is at the Needles Attraction at the top of the hill where they charge for parking throughout the main season.

Are there any toilets on-site or nearby?

There are no toilets at beach level. We recommend using the toilets at The Needles Attraction before heading down to the beach.

Are there any special or unusual requirements I need to know about before visiting?

Educational Resources for Alum Bay

The following Alum Bay educational resources are FREE to use when you book your trip with Education Destination. Some include pre or post-visit classroom work, others are on-site activities. All are accompanied by detailed Teacher Notes and some even have sample lesson plans!

Prepared by our expert team of teachers with local Island knowledge, each resource addresses a specific National Curriculum topic. Click on any image for full details.

Alum Bay is proud to be part of the Island Classroom

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