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School Trips for SEND Students

Trips for SEND / ASN students

Education Destination is committed to helping teachers and SENCOs provide inclusive trips for groups containing students with special requirements.

We work closely with all of our based partners and venues to understand their provisions and limitations for visitors with additional needs. All our partner venues are required to provide sample Risk Assessments and all are encouraged to publish or develop comprehensive Access Statements.

Once we understand your requirements, we can task our local third-party CMIOSH assessor to undertake any specific checks required. Whatever your particular needs, Education Destination can advise on venues and activities to suit your cohort.

Ways We Can Help

  • We can vary activities (both physical and academic) to suit
  • We can adapt learning resources and activities or develop specific learning programmes
  • Resources can be differentiated to provide inherent flexibility for mixed ability groups - all working to the same task but at different levels
  • We can liaise with your SENCO and all of our partners to ensure we understand and are fully prepared for your students
  • We will work with your chosen venues to adapt service provision as needed
  • We can provide chaperones to boost supervision ratios helping limit the impact the trip will have on other staff
  • We can arrange specialist transport, facilities and accommodation if needed
  • We will be honest with you about problems we know you might encounter to allow you to come prepared
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Education Destination SEND/ASN student support

Common Issues & Situations

Behavioural Disorders and Social Interaction Difficulties

e.g. ADHD, EBD, Conduct Disorder, OCD, ODD, SEBD, SEMH

Of all of the special educational needs, those that can be generally classified as behavioural disorders are perhaps the easiest to provide for.

We ask schools planning to bring students with these conditions to be frank with us about the types of issues each affected student typically presents, as well as the level to which they can become affected. For instance, do they need enhanced supervision or the just provision of easily-identifiable safe spaces to remove them to?

Then it's usually a case of building an itinerary specifically to suit the potential problems that we might expect to encounter. For example:

For groups including students with behavioural disorders we will almost always recommend that your accommodation is booked exclusive use, so the only people present on site will be your own cohort and the minimum number of staff required to provision your visit. By making your hotel or other accommodation a 'home-from-home' we find this helps students settle better and avoids any inter-group or public issues.


e.g. Panic Attacks, Phobias, Separation / Attachment disorders

Where anxieties cause barriers to a student's ability to access normal activities, we can work with you as the person most understanding of their needs to devise a workable care plan for their visit.

For example:

Physical / Mobility Limitations

e.g. Motor skills limitations, muscle weakness, palsies & dystrophies, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, wheelchair or mobility scooter users

As mentioned, we champion inclusivity and will always seek to ensure that students affected by physical or mobility limitations can participate as fully as possible within the constraints of those conditions.

As such, it's not uncommon for us to:

The range of potential scenarios is very wide - once we've discussed your particular needs we'll be better placed to advise on our specific recommendations for your group.